WaterBoss 365 36400 Grain Water Softener Review

Instances of hard water are not uncommon and these present a myriad of problems. For one, hard water tends to accumulate in water pipes which can cause clogging. It also reduces the ability of soap to lather resulting in the formation of sticky scums.

One of the more popular brands is the Waterboss 365, a 36,400 grain softener.

This softener is particularly effective at reducing iron in the water for large family homes.  If you have a 5 person home with heavy water needs then this bad boy can take care of all your needs without a hitch.

In terms of softening hard water, the Water Boss 365 boasts of having the capacity to soften a maximum of 90 grains of ferrous iron contained in a single gallon. Thereafter, the product filters the remaining dirt and gets to reduce this to about 20 nominal microns.

The Water Boss is ostensibly one power-packed water softener, but its basic function hardly stops there. A close look into this product shows that it also has a faster regeneration rate, taking only 38 short minutes before restarting.

Under its current set-up, the Water Boss obviously uses less water than others, a great attraction for those who are conscious about their water consumption. As one consumer review remarked, this is unlike other water softeners that often take up too much water in one sitting.

Despite this amazing power, one WaterBoss 365 review took note of how compact the product is design-wise. This makes it easy to install even in generally tight areas. Its unique compact design is seen as a contributing factor in its capacity to regenerate quickly.

A house filter has been built into every Water Boss 365 model. The filter is a self-cleaning feature of the product and has been designed to allow for minimum maintenance. Thus, customers need not really worry on how to clean the Water Boss since it can actually clean itself.

Thus far, a negative WaterBoss 365 review still has to be recorded. One customer, however, had an issue with the shipping after he placed an order for the Water Boss. He claimed that when the product arrived, the sides show a few minor scratches.

Other than that, many of the reviews about the Water Boss 365 have proven to be generally positive. One WaterBoss 365 review even talked extensively on how easy it was to install the product, noting that she lived in an old apartment and the only area where she could place the Water Boss was a small kitchen corner.



This item is outlined in such a path, to the point that it has an expansive limit of 36400 grains. the bigger the limit will be, the bigger it will store the water and littler the limit will it have, the smaller it will be the stockpiling of water.

Smaller Design:

This item has a smaller configuration and it is composed in such a path, to the point that it will be effortlessly put into little places and no big surprise that still it will be making the best out of the market.


The model gives an effective time to recover and that is under 38 minutes at a chosen setting of 6 lbs.this gives an advantage that as regeneration is taking much lower time, so this model will use less measure of water.the bigger measure of time it will take to recover, the bigger measure of water it will utilize and that is ideal for the individuals who are pulled in towards their consumption of water.

Inherent Filter:

An inherent channel has been made in this system. This channel is made in such a path, to the point that it is self cleaning which makes it not quite the same as different items and obliges least measure of upkeep and customer require no stress over the cleaning and support as it do itself and making the occupation less demanding for the customers.

Positive circumstances and disadvantages:


  • It has Maximum limit
  • It has an inherent earth and residue channel.
  • Fast regeneration.
  • Silent operation.
  • Saving water.


  • It is bit expensive.

Customer Review:

The thing has been given 4.3 out of 5 stars.