North Star NSC25ED Electronic Demand Water Softener Review

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About the North Star NSC25ED Water Softener Cabinet Model – 25,000 Grain Capacity – Electronic Demand

Protect your investment in your household plumbing, fixtures, appliances, hot water heater, and more by installing an affordable and easy to install North Star water softener system. Water softeners not only keep mineral deposits from forming, but they produce enough clean and clear water for drinking, showers, and your everyday activities. Prevent corrosion, mineral deposits, and premature malfunction easily and affordably with North Star.

North Star Water Softeners are the most well known water treatment systems in the world. Beginning with over 85 years in manufacturing, there are currently over 2 Million North Star units in operation today. The North Star NSC25ED Water Softener Cabinet Model has a 26,600 grain Capacity and uses an electronic demand valve system to maximize efficiency. Depending on the hardness of your water, the NSC25ED will work for most 3-5 person households. For regions with hardness levels higher than 11 grains and over 5 residents, a larger unit may apply.

North Star Water Softeners come equipped with many advanced features designed to increase the life of your water system, the softener itself, and lower your energy and maintenance expenses.


Advanced Features Include:

“Look Ahead Technology”: The intelligent patented monitoring system that actually learns your water usage patterns and becomes more efficient as it learns.  The North Star NSC25ED’s “Look Ahead” also calculates an accurate proportion of salt and water is needed to regenerate only the used sections of the resin beads, saving you salt and water.

Super Cap Time Keeper: In the event of power failure, The North Star NSC25ED will remain on for 72 hours, and will retain all memory data. After the 72 hour reserve period, the unit will turn off, keeping all data stored until power is restored.

No-worry Setting: There is no need to power off your North Star softener unit when on vacation, the unit will recognize that you are not using water, and will not over-generate.

Counter-Current Regeneration: Pioneered by North Star, the brine water method of regeneration draws brine water into the resin tanks, enhancing the process, and greatly increasing efficiency.

High Capacity Resin is the most efficient and long lasting resin of its kind, with the resin bed agitator, preventing collection of iron, dirt, and solids; keeping the North Star NSC25ED operating at peak efficiency.

Runs on 24V Electricity to reduce electrical safety hazards.

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