North Star NSC25ED Electronic Demand Water Softener Review

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About the North Star NSC25ED Water Softener Cabinet Model – 25,000 Grain Capacity – Electronic Demand

Protect your investment in your household plumbing, fixtures, appliances, hot water heater, and more by installing an affordable and easy to install North Star water softener system. Water softeners not only keep mineral deposits from forming, but they produce enough clean and clear water for drinking, showers, and your everyday activities. Prevent corrosion, mineral deposits, and premature malfunction easily and affordably with North Star.

North Star Water Softeners are the most well known water treatment systems in the world. Beginning with over 85 years in manufacturing, there are currently over 2 Million North Star units in operation today. The North Star NSC25ED Water Softener Cabinet Model has a 26,600 grain Capacity and uses an electronic demand valve system to maximize efficiency. Depending on the hardness of your water, the NSC25ED will work for most 3-5 person households. For regions with hardness levels higher than 11 grains and over 5 residents, a larger unit may apply.

North Star Water Softeners come equipped with many advanced features designed to increase the life of your water system, the softener itself, and lower your energy and maintenance expenses.


Advanced Features Include:

“Look Ahead Technology”: The intelligent patented monitoring system that actually learns your water usage patterns and becomes more efficient as it learns.  The North Star NSC25ED’s “Look Ahead” also calculates an accurate proportion of salt and water is needed to regenerate only the used sections of the resin beads, saving you salt and water.

Super Cap Time Keeper: In the event of power failure, The North Star NSC25ED will remain on for 72 hours, and will retain all memory data. After the 72 hour reserve period, the unit will turn off, keeping all data stored until power is restored.

No-worry Setting: There is no need to power off your North Star softener unit when on vacation, the unit will recognize that you are not using water, and will not over-generate.

Counter-Current Regeneration: Pioneered by North Star, the brine water method of regeneration draws brine water into the resin tanks, enhancing the process, and greatly increasing efficiency.

High Capacity Resin is the most efficient and long lasting resin of its kind, with the resin bed agitator, preventing collection of iron, dirt, and solids; keeping the North Star NSC25ED operating at peak efficiency.

Runs on 24V Electricity to reduce electrical safety hazards.

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  • If you’re shopping for a certain date like Halloween, Christmas, a birthday, anniversary, or special events, plan ahead. It usually takes a few extra days to shop online because the product has to be shipped to your home.
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WaterBoss 365 36400 Grain Water Softener Review

Instances of hard water are not uncommon and these present a myriad of problems. For one, hard water tends to accumulate in water pipes which can cause clogging. It also reduces the ability of soap to lather resulting in the formation of sticky scums.

One of the more popular brands is the Waterboss 365, a 36,400 grain softener.

This softener is particularly effective at reducing iron in the water for large family homes.  If you have a 5 person home with heavy water needs then this bad boy can take care of all your needs without a hitch.

In terms of softening hard water, the Water Boss 365 boasts of having the capacity to soften a maximum of 90 grains of ferrous iron contained in a single gallon. Thereafter, the product filters the remaining dirt and gets to reduce this to about 20 nominal microns.

The Water Boss is ostensibly one power-packed water softener, but its basic function hardly stops there. A close look into this product shows that it also has a faster regeneration rate, taking only 38 short minutes before restarting.

Under its current set-up, the Water Boss obviously uses less water than others, a great attraction for those who are conscious about their water consumption. As one consumer review remarked, this is unlike other water softeners that often take up too much water in one sitting.

Despite this amazing power, one WaterBoss 365 review took note of how compact the product is design-wise. This makes it easy to install even in generally tight areas. Its unique compact design is seen as a contributing factor in its capacity to regenerate quickly.

A house filter has been built into every Water Boss 365 model. The filter is a self-cleaning feature of the product and has been designed to allow for minimum maintenance. Thus, customers need not really worry on how to clean the Water Boss since it can actually clean itself.

Thus far, a negative WaterBoss 365 review still has to be recorded. One customer, however, had an issue with the shipping after he placed an order for the Water Boss. He claimed that when the product arrived, the sides show a few minor scratches.

Other than that, many of the reviews about the Water Boss 365 have proven to be generally positive. One WaterBoss 365 review even talked extensively on how easy it was to install the product, noting that she lived in an old apartment and the only area where she could place the Water Boss was a small kitchen corner.



This item is outlined in such a path, to the point that it has an expansive limit of 36400 grains. the bigger the limit will be, the bigger it will store the water and littler the limit will it have, the smaller it will be the stockpiling of water.

Smaller Design:

This item has a smaller configuration and it is composed in such a path, to the point that it will be effortlessly put into little places and no big surprise that still it will be making the best out of the market.


The model gives an effective time to recover and that is under 38 minutes at a chosen setting of 6 lbs.this gives an advantage that as regeneration is taking much lower time, so this model will use less measure of water.the bigger measure of time it will take to recover, the bigger measure of water it will utilize and that is ideal for the individuals who are pulled in towards their consumption of water.

Inherent Filter:

An inherent channel has been made in this system. This channel is made in such a path, to the point that it is self cleaning which makes it not quite the same as different items and obliges least measure of upkeep and customer require no stress over the cleaning and support as it do itself and making the occupation less demanding for the customers.

Positive circumstances and disadvantages:


  • It has Maximum limit
  • It has an inherent earth and residue channel.
  • Fast regeneration.
  • Silent operation.
  • Saving water.


  • It is bit expensive.

Customer Review:

The thing has been given 4.3 out of 5 stars.


Aquasana EQ-AST-WH Whole House Water Softener Review

This effective Aquasana EQ-AST-WH water softener prevents scale in plumbing, softening the water in the entire house. It’s an eco-friendly system that doesn’t use any salt or harsh chemicals. It doesn’t demineralize the water as it works without chemicals that remove minerals. Also, being a salt free unit it doesn’t put excess salt waste into the water and environment.

This unit has a dual tank system that’s designed for hookup with the whole house water filter system. It can also be hooked up to a standalone descaling or softening system.

For tackling hard water problems the system uses the salt free NAC (Nucleation Assisted Crystallization) technology. It’s designed for protecting plumbing from corrosion and preventing scale formation. With this technology the structure of hard minerals is altered into a crystal structure. As a result of this, the minerals will not bind together to form scale buildup. The water conditioning reduces excess iron in the water, also reducing the adverse effects of scale. It efficiently reduces existing buildup, which will result in extended life of the pipes and appliances.

Installation – check operating specifications before installing


2. Remove the red shipping caps from the inlet & outlet ports on the main housing.

3. Precondition the unit by flushing: It is very important that this system is flushed properly prior to final installation. Using the supplied adapter, connect a garden hose to the inlet port so that the water will flow into the system and out of the outlet port. Slowly turn on the water and allow the cloudy water to flow from the outlet into a bucket or drain. Flush the NAC tanks for 5-10 minutes. Once the unit has been properly flushed, be sure the white washers are properly set inside the inlet and outlet ports. Disconnect it from the garden hose and position it for final installation.

4. Turn off main source water supply prior to installation.

5. Install the unit to the main water supply using the supplied components. Do not over tighten fittings, as this may cause leakage and broken fittings. Do NOT use pipe dope. The use of pipe dope voids the warranty. You may use NSF-certified pipe primer, glue and teflon tape. Leave two-three threads exposed and do not exceed seven layers of teflon tape. More than seven layers will cause the nipple to crack and leak.

6. IMPORTANT: The inlet piping assembly (valve, pre-filter, main filter unit, union and nipples) must be firmly braced and supported.

7. Once installation is complete, slowly turn the water on and inspect for leaks.

8. Once the unit is installed and checked for leaks, open the water faucet closest to the installed unit and allow water to run for 5-10 minutes for the final flushing period.

Northstar Water Softener Review: What We Think?

Why Northstar Water Softener ?

When hard water is present in a home, the solution people come to is a water softener. It will soften the water, improve the functionality of your home’s appliances and will keep all the plumbing fixtures clean. Among the many brands that manufacture water softening units, the brand that stands in the list of the recommended ones is Northstar. This company has been in this business for many years, during which they have gained popularity and shown to provide good quality products. To understand if their products are the right solution for your home, continue reading our Northstar water softener review below.

Common Features In All Models

Northstar doesn’t have a big line of water softeners, but only several models and they all come with common basic features. These include diagnostics, patented Look Ahead technology and efficiency selector. They are all also designed for simple and quick set up.

  • The Look Ahead technology of Northstar units is a function for predicting behavior. The feature predicts your family’s regular water usage and according to it adjusts the water regeneration cycles. It’s a helpful function for saving the water.
  • The other beneficial feature is the efficiency selection that lets you set the level you want. The choice of the efficiency will depend on the volume of water your household is using. For example, when you have guests visiting and more people in the household, you can select a higher efficiency level.
  • The Northstar water softeners allow you carry out diagnostics of the unit’s performance. You can view the past processes of the water softener and check data like the total number of regeneration cycles done and the number of days it is in service. You can also check if there are any problems with turbines and switches.
  • Additionally, you can set the softening level of the treated water and time for the regeneration.

Benefits of Northstar Water Softeners

  • The Look Ahead technology that will help your household water and will also use less salt.
  • Compact but durable design. Each tank has two linings that will keep the unit intact and sturdy for many years of usage.
  • The diagnostics allows you to keep track of the softener’s performance.
  • The resin bed agitator keeps moving and circulating the materials inside the water softener, thus preventing iron and dirt from getting inside the unit

Top Models

The Northstar models are suitable for use in both homes and businesses. For different household needs, they have several models.

  • NSC40UD1 Ultra Demand (Check on Amazon). It comes with all the common Northstar features that are mentioned above. It also features a backlit LCD display, where you can view the time, hardness level, the regeneration time, current flow, percent of the remaining capacity, total and average daily usage. You can set the efficiency to either high or low. The capacity is 39,000 grains.
  • NSC30UDI Ultra Cabinet (Check on Amazon). The capacity of this model is 34,300 grains. This second option is more suitable for medium sized households or for softening the water with moderate hardness. It comes with a high flow valve, so you will not see any reduced water flow. Its operation also includes a minimal control system. It automatically identifies when the unit runs out of salt. It comes with a function for restoring the system in the event of power failure. If the power failure occurs, the unit remains running for 72 hours and retains all of the memory data.

What Customers Say

Users of the Northstar water softeners are mostly sharing positive feedback in their reviews. As mentioned by many customers, the use of these water softening systems has helped them to get rid of the clogging issues in systems and plumbing fixtures. All the users have seen results of softer water. The hard water problems they had related were substantially reduced.

The benefits that the users comment on include the ease of maintenance and operation. The user can easily read and understand the control panel with all the settings. Customers have the salt loading space easy to access and the features (Look Ahead, diagnostics) very useful.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Northstar water softeners are recommended for consideration for treating hard water. The company offers different capacity units, so whether your home is large or smaller, you can find a suitable model. The features they come with will help you to save water and salt. The settings also allow adjusting the system to your needs and viewing all the data of the water softener’sperformance. Mostly the Northstar water softener reviews have only positive comments and customers are mostly happy with the use of this brand’s products.

Best Water Softener System Reviews - Which One Should You Buy?

Life is getting polluted day by day and like air, water too is not as clean as it was and harder than before. Water softening systems are in demand today. And if you have any plan to buy a water softener system for you home or for the work place, then this is right place for you to find the better quality products at reasonable price.

Hard water scale in pipe

Hard water scale in pipe

One can drink hard water and there is not much harm in drinking it but hard water has such tendency to affect the entire surrounding and specially the home. When hard water is used for longer time it affects by creating negative consequences.  The decision of adding a water softener will always help in controlling the negative influence of the hard water over the system.    One has to make the decision of adding the water softener system to the home.

Making the decision of adding a water softener system is easy but which is the most suitable water softener system required for your home is not an easy decision.

In the market today, there are plenty of companies offering the water softening systems and each one works differently to reduce the influence of hard water over pipes, tanks and taps. There are many different systems available with different brands, sizes and range of prices in the market.

And when you decided to buy the best one, surely you will get confused while deciding the best water softening system.

We are here to guide you while helping you to make the right decision to buy the best water softening system for your home or for the workplace depending on the availability of the water softeners in the market. Following reviews about the different water softeners will help you to reach to the conclusion before you make your mind to buy the best one.

Working of Water Softening System:

Before we analyze about the working process of the water softening system, let us first understand what is meant by hard water and how does it affect our life when we chose to use it. We have three main questions: What is meant by hard water? What is meant by hard water? What is meant by hard water? Generally the water we fetch from the underground which is impure water. The impure water consists of minerals such as calcium and magnesium which get mixed when the water is passed through the underwater soil and rocks. This raw water is called as hard water.

Why does the hard water affect our home and life?

The hard water is rough and mixed with large quantity off minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The minerals added into the water have negative effects on surrounding. The pipes, tanks and the fixtures which are used in carrying the hard get affected when used for longer time. The minerals have chemical reactions over the fixtures and keep building the matter over the pipes which can block the pipe completely.

The hard water affects clothes when washed over longer time. The clothes get  rough and harsh with  grayish stains all over.

Even while using hard water for bath creates scums which are the result of the reaction between soap and the minerals.  It can be seen in the bathrooms and sinks.

Is the hard water really bad ?

 Hard water shows its negative effect on almost every thing at home.

Even the dishwasher while cleaning the glassware or the kitchenware using hard water, leaves the small irksome spots.

Most of the kitchen appliances which are either heated with hard water such as geysers, kettles, and washing machines get filled with unwanted chemical matter and it surely reduces the span of the appliances. It is highly expensive to repair such appliances or to buy new ones.

 Can I find out if water is hard?

There are number of ways to find out about the level of hardness of water by conducting some tests.

Find out if you are suffering from the most common problems of hard water as we have discussed earlier. The problems such as getting the unwanted matter in your plumbing system or you have noticed soap-scum around your bathroom and sink. If you have noticed such common layers of matter which are chemically reacted and damage your home then surely you have hard water running in your pipes and tank.


But if you are not sure about it, then you can just check the home system on your own with simple experiment.

  • The test to find the level of hard water is simple.
  • You can fill the plastic bottle partly with hard water.
  • Few drops of dish washing liquid should be added into the water in the bottle.
  • Keep Shaking the bottle for few minute in all directions.

Check the result. The water can change its color faster.

1.     If the water remains soapy it indicates that the water is not very hard. Just by adding magnetic mixture of salt-free osmosis system will keep the water clean.

2.     If the water inside th bottle changes its color to milky white then the water is hard and it needs salt-based mixture to cure its hardness.

3.     The water hardness can be tested using the hardness testing kit which is available online and can be used for effective testing. The kit is available on

Water softener systems

 Different types of water softeners

The most common type of water softener which is  the most traditional. Most of the water softener systems make use of he chemicals such as sodium or potassium chloride which helps in cleaning the water faster. It depends on which softener system you prefer and which chemical is highly used. But it has been seen that sodium chloride is highly used and mostly preferred by the individuals.

Apart from the water softening systems there are many other water softening ways and processes such as the salt-free water softeners and also the electronic water softeners and magnetic based water softeners.

The processes such as salt-free system are the systems to reduce the effect of hard water and yet they are called as water softening systems. The processes are useful in softening the composition of mineral affects and make use of template assisted crystallization (TAC). The process of crystallization makes the minerals separate and will not be allowed to gather over the surface of the pipes or appliances. Such type of processes always helps in reducing the clogging effect of minerals though it could not soften the water at all.

Water Softener System

Water Softener System

The electronic water softeners have set of wires which are connected to the water pipes. The process of electronic water softener works according to the changing charge of mineral icons. This system also reduces the effect of minerals sticking over the fixtures of plumbing area and do not soften the water.

The working of Magnetic water softeners works similar to the working of electronic water softening system. The stronger magnetic bars are attached to the pipes and similar to electronic system these magnets help in reducing the flow off mineral icons and stop them from sticking over the surface of pipes and plumbing area.


Latest & the best water softener reviews for this year

Water Softener Comprehensive Guide

The water quality is important when you are using the water at home with our family members. Why we need a water softener installed at home is to make sure that the water you use is completely clean and free from the chemical pollution. There are number of options which you will find interesting to know more about the water softeners used either at home, workplaces  or for well. Let us discuss some of them.

Here we have compared the best of ten different water softening systems and also we have reviewed each one of the system which you can find helpful in choosing the right kind of water softening system which can be used most efficiently. The chart offers you complete details of the best of water softeners available in the market along with the data based on their ratings and also on the quality of products and their performance over a period of time.

The brand list of top water softening systems

Based on the performance and the ratings given by the users, we can find highly popular water softening brand products below.


For last 50 years, Fleck has been ruling the market with its outstanding services. The entire system of Fleck depends on the control valves which is highly advanced and can effectively soften the water with its highly effective filtration system. When you can check it on, you will find Fleck remains on the top with highest ratings from the users.


The quality of water has been improved in the houses over long period of time is because of the best quality products offered by Waterboss. The main concept of Waterboss technology is based on reducing the water wastage to its minimum. The highly rated water softening system uses less water when compared to many other water softener systems.


The company is mainly famous for its salt producing activity. For more than 150 years, Morton has been producing high quality salt in North America. Apart from producing salt the company has been dealing in the field of water softener systems. It is one of the highly rated companies with lot many followers and higher ratings.


The company has been producing the higher quality water softeners and the also the tools for keeping the environment clean. The aim of the company is to offer water softening solutions along with healthy and clean environment. Entire system is based on limited wastage and making most from reusable parts. The special type of shower head filters and the faucet filters are much in demand today from the users.


Over last 75 years we have been listening to the company. It has  offered highly branded water softening products  which are available in the market with variety of choices.

Explain Water softener

In order to reduce the effect of hard minerals from the water and to make it soft the water softener system is used. The particles such as calcium and magnesium which get mixed in water from the soils and are needed to be removed from the water to make it clean and healthy.

The hard water which has many disadvantages and it can ruin the home completely, if not controlled on time. The minerals which are the part of the hard water keeps affecting pipes, plumbing fixtures also it affects the use soaps and detergents. Everything that comes in contact with mineral water such as home appliances, clothes, skin and hair get damaged if not acted on time.

The water softening unit has two different tanks one is a water tank and other is a brine tank. The tank consists of resin beads which controls the movement of calcium and magnesium by applying the electrical charge. It helps in reducing the icon effect completely. The minerals get exchanged with soft particles of either sodium or potassium chloride. It will keep regenerating the water softeners regularly.

Should I use water softener?

Before deciding to use the water softener, you should make sure that the water that you use in the house is hard water. The water can be tested for its quality before deciding to go for the water softening system.

 Only when the test that you conduct to find the type of water you have gives positive result only then you can start deciding about the most suitable water softening system.

There are number of problems we face when we have hard water in our household. It not only creates the mental agony but also it affects us physically. The skin, hair can be severely damaged. The appliances and the clothes too get affected badly. The water softeners can be expensive to use but they surely save you from serious damages and can make your life easy and happy.

What Is Hard Water?

The water generally gets mixed with minerals from the ground level of Earth and it always reacts chemically when comes in contact with pipes, taps, soaps, detergents and even human hair and skin.

What causes hard water?

The water which we collect from the underground is completely mixed with minerals such as lime, chalk, and mainly calcium and magnesium. Hard water is good for drinking as it contains lot many minerals. Where as the soft water is purified and contains less minerals. But hard water has adverse effect on the home appliances, it reacts strangely when comes in contact with soap, and detergents. It also damages the appliances, clothes and even human hair and skin because of the stronger presence of the minerals.

For the hard water the hardness of the water can be calculated using two steps.

The hardness can be measured in terms of parts per million (PPM) or grains per gallon of water (GPG). Most of the houses in US have hard water level between 3.5 to 10.5 GPG. It keeps the hard water from offering any negative effect.

Test for hard water

Before deciding to have water softening system,you should make sure about quality of the water used in the home. Either a test can be conducted at home with the help of tools present at home or you can buy the test kit from market for the best results,

A test can be conducted which is not based on any scientific reason is easy to perform and effective in finding the result.

You need a plastic bottle half filled with water and add few drops of liquid soap into it. Close the cap and shake the bottle well. If the water turns into soap water completely then it is clear that you do not have hard water. But if the water did not have enough foam then you can be sure about the water being hard.

 Even you can buy the DIY test kit from the online shopping at the website it is highly effective kit which clearly gives you a result about the water you are using at home.

What size of softener I should use?

In order to soften the water at your home, you can make use of salt-based system which can reduce the effect of minerals and make the water soft. It is long lasting solution which surely makes the water soft.

There are different Salt-based systems which come in different sizes. We need to find the most suitable size for the household where we need to apply it.

1 Find the hardness of the water that you use

This is determined by using the unit grains per gallon (GPG) which can range from 3 – 20 grains mainly in US. Here the ratings 3 is for the softness and the ratings 20 is for the hardness of the water.

The hardness of the water can be determined either by conducting the test or by using the kit available in the market. Also you can ask the professional services to find details about the water you use at home.

2 Find the water usage on daily / weekly basis.

It is found that most average of water by a person can be of 80-100 gallons of water /day. To find the total gallons of water used by the family members in the house is to multiply it by number of people in the family.

For e.g. For a family of 4 people the total water usage is 4 X 80 = 320 gallons / day

The water usage per week is 320 x 7 = 2240 gallons /week

3.     To find the number of hard water grains to be removed/week

Here the number of hard minerals will be multiplied to daily water usage , which is

 10 grains X 2240 gallons =22 240 grains/ week

(The hard water grains to be removed)

4.     Finding the most suitable softener

Most of the water softeners comes in the capacities such as

 15 000, 24 000, 32 000, 40 000, 48 000, 64 000, 80 000, 100 000

Here you to make the calculation and find out that the weekly hard water grains which are needed to be removed should be lesser than the capacity of water softener.

This helps in avoiding the regeneration which should be avoided from accruing regularly.

In case if the 22,240 grains per week the water softener capacity should be 24,000.  The softener capacity can be higher in case if the water usage is going to be more than calculated.

It is always advised to buy a large sized softener than it is required which may be little costly while buying but surely saves your money in the long run.

The quality of the water that you are using at home is important for you and your family members. To ensure that the water you use is clean from chemical pollutants, a good solution is installing a water softener. If you’re looking for the best water softener system for well water, your residence or company, you have come to the right place.

Grey Water Recycling

Grey water is water that has been used for washing (bath and shower water, and water from washing machines etc.) but which does not contain any sewage or food. Homes with grey water recycling systems typically have two separate plumbing systems: one to carry black water away from toilets and kitchen garburator, and provide potable water to kitchen and bathroom faucets; and one to carry grey water to a tank for treatment, then deliver it to toilets and perhaps outside taps.

Benefits of grey water recycling

Grey water reclamation has a number of benefits:

  • It saves water. Freed and Daum report that homes with a grey water recycling system will enjoy 30% to 60% lower water costs than other homes.
  • Because less water is used, it puts less strain on the environment, wastewater treatment facilities, and private wells and septic systems.
  • When used for irrigating plants, it provides some fertilizer.

Grey water treatment

Grey water collected in a tank can’t be recycled without some treatment: the water must be cleaned and disinfected before it can be used for flushing toilets and other purposes. Depending on the system design, the water may be filtered and/or treated with chemicals to ensure minimum standards of cleanliness so that this water can be used to make ice cubes. You can use it to wash your dishes too.

Concerns about grey water recycling arise from the likelihood of discoloration or other poor appearance, odor, and the possibility of the presence of disease causing organisms. Some jurisdictions do not yet allow grey water systems; some don’t allow any use of grey water other than flushing of toilets and urinals, and some permit wider use including clothes washing and garden irrigation.

Disadvantages of grey water systems

Water reclamation of this type does require greater initial expense to install the system, and ongoing attention and maintenance:

  • Great care must be taken to ensure that black water, grey water, and potable water never mix in the household plumbing.
  • Environmentally unfriendly cleaning products and chemicals must not go down the drain and contaminate the grey water.
  • Regular maintenance of filters may be required.
  • Water in the grey water system must be monitored for appearance, and tested regularly for the presence of microorganisms and chlorine (if chlorine is used as the disinfectant).

Grey water recycling is not yet accepted by everyone: health and esthetic concerns remain. As environmental consciousness and grey water recycling become more prevalent, however, both objections and perceived disadvantages are likely to become less compelling.